Have you ever dreamed of building your retirement dream home back in your homeland? If you answered YES, you are not alone. Like many other people, you probably recognize many of the pitfalls regarding financing, incompetent (and sometimes unscrupulous) contractors, and coordinating between the institution financing your project and the contractors. Imagine working with one entity that ensures that your home will be adequately financed at a very reasonable interest rate -- and that ONLY certified contractors will be involved in making your dream a reality. You’ve come to the right place to make it happen. Here at KOOWI PRIME we provide you with a personal, hands-on approach.
All we require is for you to own the land you’ll be building on and to provide us with the architectural drawings for your project. NO DOWN PAYMENT IS REQUIRE. You’ll be dealing in a personal relationship with one individual who will manage every component of your project, as opposed to the very impersonal contact that you would experience with a lending institution. There are no mountains of paperwork. No waiting for word from some higher level of bank officers who have no contact with you and don't know you. To them, you are a number put into their pre-existing equation. At KOOWI PRIME you are a person, someone who has worked hard all of his or her life and wants (and deserves) to retire in style in the land they love. Let us help you make it happen. We’ll be there to answer your questions and give you advice from the start to the finish of your project.
So now you see how easy the financing part is, but how about the quality of work? At KOOWI PRIME we assure you that ALL THE WORK done on your project will be done by certified contractors (fully licensed and fully bonded). We’ll be there from the start to the finish of your project with on-site inspections, pursuant to our HANDS-ON approach. We’ll see to it that the work on your home WILL get done in a professional manner.
Since we serve as both the financiers and the contractors, KOOWI PRIME is able to coordinate all construction activities without the need for you to be the go-between with the financial institution and the contractors. You don’t have to worry about the work being stopped because the contractor has not received adequate assurances from the financial institution. Your project will be completed on time and to your complete satisfaction – without the frustration that so many island projects involve. When you work with KOOWI PRIME, you eliminate all the time consuming red tape (as well as the middlemen with outrageous overcharges) and deal with us on a very personal level.
If all of the above appeals to you I'm sure you’re asking what the next step is. VERY SIMPLE -- just call one of our representatives. WE GUARANTEE you will be very pleased!