My experience with the KooWi® firm heretofore, has been very rewarding. I entered a contract with this firm in year 2002 and I have found them to be dependable, in most cases punctual, knowledgeable, courteous, honest and professional whenever my daughter or I called them for services; whether an emergency or otherwise.
– Frederick W. Bodie

I will certainly request the services of KooWi® again, should such work become necessary at any of my properties. I highly recommend KooWi® to any one who needs help. Many thanks again, KooWi®, for a job well done!
– Yong Zhang, Ph.D

When I joined KooWi's Home Emergency Repair Service Membership, it became clear to me how much money I was wasting on electrical, plumbing, sewage, and heating maintenance or emergency repairs for my 3-family home. I'm divorced and my son is away in college, now I realize how much I was being taken advantage of. Now, for a small annual fee, I can have peace-of-mind and save my money. Thank you, KooWi®!
– Marguerite Bouie

Four times I needed service and when I called ‘my family KooWi®’ they responded very quickly. I knew they would make a genuine effort to help me. I will recommend all retirees to have KooWi® do their work. You will get a senior citizen discount and you will not regret it.
– Barbara Windsor

I am a mother of three small boys, and my husband is deployed to Afghanistan. We rent from a landlord that doesn’t really care about her home. This past Memorial weekend I came home and smelled an odd stench. I couldn't recognize the smell right away but later on realized it smelled like electrical burning. I called the landlord and she said she'll send someone out the next day. I couldn't believe; I Googled home emergency and came across KooWi® Cares. They provided me with information and it saved me from a fire. I don't know too much about homes but I know this company helped me and my family. I would definitely recommend them to everyone I know. THANKS KOOWI® CARES!!
– Chelsea Rodriguez

After losing my first job, as a fulltime electrician, I was shattered as what to do. Luckily, I got myself registered as a freelance electrician with KooWi Prime. Now I am earning much more than what I was earning in the past. Thanks KooWi Prime.
– Jeffrey Williams

I stay in London and my parents at California. Both of them are disabled. Thanks KooWi Prime, for supplying the best caretaker for my parents...
– Lewis Davis

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